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Sense of belongingness
Sense of belongingness
Fil Dunsky illustrations made in the first two months of 2012th
Here is mostly of my fresh commission illustrations and a few personal projects. I had to wait to be able to put some of them in my portfolio because of the client restrictions. Thanks a lot for your comments and appreciations. I don't mind to hear some critiques as well because I'm very very beginner. You could always friend me on Facebook if you like and here is some fresh interview in english.
EducaVideo Player for the Net ScholarLogo, icon and startup screen illustration
Road Safety
Social posters for Arabian region
Advertising Agency: Livingroom, UAE, Creative Directors: Martino O'Brien, Mansoor A. Bhatti,
Art Director: Nisreen Shahin, Creative Director / Copywriter: Martino O'Brien, Copywriter: Priya Madhu,
Illustrator: Fil Dunsky
That was a commission with another idea, but the client rejected that sketch and I've transformed it to personal.
Coffee House
QR-Code campaign
Russian Reader Cover
Dixy Supermarket Campaign
Made fot Catzwolf Production
Internet Provider advert made for Bang! Bang! Studio
Clear Vita ABE
Illustrations for shampoo campaign
Business Social Network
Personal project spontaneously done in one day
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar
Quick sketch of my Guruji made in Bangalore ashram with my Galaxy Note and Sketcher Lite
Sense of belongingness