Illustration, packaging, reinventing 
The objective of this briefing was to make a package to enhance and add value to a common, and cheap product.

Product chosen:   Marbles  

Graphic Identity 
Keywords :
• Powerfull Image
• Fun
• Retro(like the marbles)
• Vintage
• Style Fusion
• Flashy
Branding & Copy 
Three main slogans were made:
• "It’s Marbelous!"  (for Girls)
• "Got Marbles?"  (for Boys)
• "SuperMarbles are OldSchool"  (General Public)
• A style research was made on the last 90 years(since the Big Marble- game movement was on 1920’s). 
• Ilustrators were also a fountain of inspiration, J3concepts was the most influent on this work.
The package is a Brand New game that was created by studying the natural movements of existing games and characteristics of the Marble
Further Branding
• There are different packages to collect and play, some directed for girls others directed for boys. 
• Different games are in mind for the future.
• As an example were made two different packages one for each gender.