YWAM - Promotional Flyers
  Style Production / Replication

     This project was a series of promotional flyers that would advertise different six-week school programs offered by YWAM in Lausanne Switzerland. Each school had a specific theme, and each flyer would attractively present different aspects of that theme while all fitting in the same style guides as the original flyer.

  For this project, not only did I function as the initial design creator, but I also functioned as the project art director. After I had established what each flyer would look like, I headed up the production team in order to produce all 12 flyers and styles. Each flyer has a specific color palette, as well as each school has a specific symbol that would be used on both front and back of an A5 handout of cardstock.

     Along with color and symbol, we also added textures, photos, and QR codes to add visual interest and functionality to this series.