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    The 2015 launching event for BASF's newest product for vine protection - Vivando®
Viticulture is a domain where people still have limited control over the success of the crops. Romanian farmers cannot control the weather, thus they preserve ancestral beliefs and rituals, no matter how technologized their production is.
To launch a new protection product, Vivando, we presented it to them as the fifth element. This way, Vivando becomes as vital as the soil, temperature, humidity and wind in order to obtain perfect grapes.  Vivando, as the fifth element, is pure technology supporting nature. It is the human's contribution on mentaining a healthy vine.
Our challenge was to come up with a concept easy to get, but impressive when implemented. After the event, farmers would remain impressed by the overall brand experience and go home with a clear idea of what the new product does for their vines.
The concept revolved around the power of our environment and how the new VIvando® can integrate itself to help farmers protect their vines.
We created 4 special panels for air, water, fire and earth: backgrounds with 3D objects, light effects and integrated human statues.
Video footage of the Vivando® event.
Front stage with desks awaiting presentations and a debate between experts.
Key Visual