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 We offer cooperation in organizing the art exhibitions.  We are the largest private art exhibition hall in Latvia. Ltd "Happy Art Museum" producers group organizes art events in their “Pinakoteka" 2000m2 modern exhibition space building, built In 2009 and in the center of Riga, the newly built "Galleria Riga" in one floor (450m2). There were several large-scale art events. Latvian artists union group exhibitions, the atrical performances, literal actions as well as foreign collection of exposure.  Shows well attended (up to 400 people a day). We offer to team up with the exchange of exhibitions. We are ready to take Your exhibition, to take the exposure assembly, the opening event organization, advertising creation and publishing.
      We offer the "Happy Art Museum" galleries collection: a selection of the best contemporary artists paintings, sculptures, graphics. "Happy Art Museum" is a collection of high quality works of recognized professionals.
      The proposed exhibition designed for the widest possible audience and visitors to address a variety of categories. In particular, run-on sculpture and modern environmental sculpture work. "Happy Art Museum” primary mission is to provoke (encourage) the viewer on a conversation, a dialogue, we have an important each visitors  viewpoint. Read Less
The building is placed in a strategically advantageous location close to the Rīga International Airport and the Rīga-Jūrmala highway. The centre of Rīga and the spa town Jūrmala can both be reached within 10 minutes from the building.
The three-floor exhibition and conference building has 2,100 m 2 of floor space. It is open to the environment and designed on the basis of Japanese architectural styles – concrete, glass and metal in five major exhibition halls (1,100 m 2), large roof terraces (400 m 2, helicopter landing possible), and a heated car parking area (600 m 2).
The building is divided up into two equal parts by the central stairwell. The halls on each floor can be accessed separately.

The style of minimalism demands ascetic lines and monochrome gamma of colours; for that reason “Pinakoteka” has chosen to use black granite, grey concrete, and stainless steel as a core of the design of the building. A German construction company developed a high quality project of “Pinakoteka”. This project easily reaches the highest standards of European building normatives. The building itself is provided with up-to-date technologies—conditioning, ventilation communication channels, optical cable, underground parking lot and borehole aqueduct. The purposes of these technologies are to eliminate any distractions for art-lovers while they are enjoying the exhibition. Moreover, the radiators are not visible at all.
Museums of contemporary art have achieved some defined characteristics and stylistics which emphasize the expressions of contemporary art itself. Pure, geometric lines together with discrete minimalism going hand in hand with the demands of functionality have appeared as dominant in recent contemporary art museums. Some similarities between exhibition halls around the Baltic and contemporary art museum of Helsinki can be found. Pinokoteka can be proud of fulfilling aesthetic and functional needs in the process of reflecting the arts.
The building was designed by the distinguished Latvian architect Andrejs Ģelzis and his office, and was built by the „LX Group”. The technical blueprints were drawn up in Germany.
All the facilities have state-of-the-art communications systems, major ventilation and air-conditioning systems, temperature regulation, a thorough fire prevention system, and high speed optical Internet for an unlimited number of users and webcams.
This ensures the multifunctional use of the facilities for international culture and information projects.

1. International art exhibitions in co-operation with foreign cultural institutions represented in Latvia.
2. Exhibitions of the products of Latvian businesses.
3. Conferences and seminars.
4. Auctions.
5. Sale of original and reproduced artworks.
6. Individual and corporate events.
7. Café and extensive outdoor terraces for the comfort of our clients.

“The greatest joy occurs when the seemingly impossible happens. This miracle happened at the time when state financing for culture, including art, is being reduced. While there is the fuss about the Museum of Contemporary Art, the “Happy Art Museum” has been opened not at an abandoned factory or warehouse, as has commonly been the case in the recent years, but at a state-of-the-art and international-level exhibition hall that has been built by SIA Pinakotēka.”
Inese Matisāne, LV.LV, 19 November 2009

“Animations distinctly bring the exhibition to life. Kaspars Zariņš’ “Pedant,” which was once only on canvas and paper, has been animated by Roze Stiebra. Ilmārs Blumbergs has offered fascinatingly refined drawings about how God created humankind, with animation by Māra Liniņa. There are found also animations by Ieva and Kristīne Jurjānes. A meditative oasis is the ‘photography corner,’ with work by Anda Bankovska, Gints Bērziņš and Leonīds Tugaļevs.”
Elīna Hermansone, Latvijas Avīze, 21 November 2009

“For one more week, until November 28, a special offer is available on the Rīga cultural landscape – large and expansive facilities of the type that Latvian artists have been yearning for such a long time, now featuring the annual ‘Autumn 2009’ art exhibition of the Latvian Artists’ Association. The exhibition features work by artists and art students who work in different media. The exhibition has a polysemantic, provocative and, for our era, pleasantly optimistic title – ‘The Happy Art Museum’.”
Rīga City Council Cultural Department, 24 November 2009

“The location of the ‘Happy Art Museum’ is of key importance. At a time when state financing has been reduced for culture and art, the Latvian Artists’ Association has staged a contemporary exhibition at the new exhibition building that was constructed by SIA Pinakotēka, thus pointing to the need for the visual arts and their importance in the context of the development of the state and its society.”, 14 October 2009

Possible uses of the building:
1. Rent offices for strategic neighbours of Airport ‘‘Riga’’.
2. Sell a part of the house or find investor, who is interested in this unique object.

3. Exhibitions of the products of domestic and foreign companies, exhibitions of creative industries and artists, conferences, seminars (EXPO 2010).
4. Co-ordination and presentation of major construction projects related to the Rīga Airport and/or the Rīga-Frankfurt Messe at the building’s offices and exhibition halls.
5. Offices for Latvian or foreign companies, with facilities for exhibitions, seminars and conferences, administrative offices, a café and outdoor terraces.

The new multifunctional grade-A exhibition, conference, and office building “Pinakotēka” offers outstanding architectural, engineering and technical solutions and floor space of 2,100 m 2.
1, Ziedleju Street, Mārupe

We are looking for one or more strategic investors:
A renter for the whole building or parts thereof
A buyer for the whole building or parts thereof

Rental fee: 6 EUR m 2
Purchase price: 2.5 Millions EUR (1.750.000 LVL)

The building is placed at a strategically advantageous location, in the immediate proximity of the Rīga International Airport and the Rīga-Jūrmala highway. The architectural design and quality of the building enable various possibilities of the use.

The value of the building is enhanced by the fact that the Rīga International Airport has major plans for constructing a new terminal. The Rīga City Council plans to organise the construction of buildings for the International Rīga-Frankfurt Messe, with 35 hectares of space.

More info in Latvian language:

Research made by the largest international exhibition organizer “Messe Frankfurt GmbH” states that the best location for establishing a large centre for international exhibitions and cultural activities in Northern Europe and Baltic countries is the location close to Riga Airport, next to the highway—Ulmana boulevard, five minutes from city centre, five minutes from the old town and five minutes from the famous resort Jurmala.
The Culture centre of the United States is currently being built next to Ulmana boulevard as well. The project was planned very precisely in collaboration with building company “XL grupa”; therefore “Pinakoteka” was built before USA Culture centre and Messe Frankfurt GmbH. In long run, regarding the successful operation of “Pinakoteka”, the crucial role will be dealt to these two neighbours as they will attract a large movement of people toward this district. The rapid development of Riga Airport will ensure the movement of transit-passengers to this district as well.
In pursuit of strategic development Latvia is on its way of putting the Riga Airport’s district as one of the places of the city with the fastest development. Among the buildings, which represent prestigious brands, the building of “Happy Art Museum” brings a whole new accent and enforces the magnificent and urban building assembly of the new district and at the same time represents latest happenings in contemporary art.

“Pinakoteka” exhibition-conference building started its operations in October 30 by art manager company “Happy arts museum” Ltd. [operator also of the exhibition hall “Galleria Riga” in the heart of Riga, Brivibas street-Dzirnavu street 67, 300m 2]. Expositions throughout the exhibition sketched new vibes of quality while still proving and confirming the multi-functional possibilities offered by new premises of „Pinakoteka”. The premises can easily satisfy any call for corporate gatherings, different type of art, music, media events etc. However, our organization faces some financial issues, as museums in Latvia are regarded as non-profit organizations. Right now “Pinakoteka” Ltd. is relating its future with local and international projects, with reflecting most important happenings in contemporary art.
New media, which currently have taken a powerful role in addition to the traditional means of expressing art, are demanding high standards of museum premises and high quality of expositions. The three-storey building with large exhibition halls is easily fulfilling any needs of artist’s conceptions. “Pinokoteka” as a building can accumulate loads of art-works, and then set them side to side in a manner, where the pieces of art do not compete with each other. In fact, they do the opposite—they emphasize and complete each other; therefore creating unforgettable experience, which to some extent expresses minimalism.
Northern countries within the European Union are notorious for industrial design, while the Latvian artists and designers are at the moment only starting to make a statement by participating in international exhibitions with their layouts. The Latvian participants of projects in “Pinakoteka” will have a chance to watch their northern colleagues at work. In their turn the guests will have a chance to implement their artistic ideas of our neighbours and partners at the most up-to-date glass processing plant in the Baltics.
The exhibition hall „Pinakotēka” is doing a great job to organise comprehensive cooperation with foreign cultural institutions and to popularize local artists and artistic unions. In the course of the exhibition special awareness-raising tours shall be organised for cultural attaches and the diplomatic service representatives.

Dear art managers and organizers,
We are representing “Pinakoteka” Ltd., the owner of the modern exhibition complex “Happy Art Museum” with the total area of 2000 sq. m and the area of exhibition halls of 1000 sq. m in Riga, Latvia. The rooms are equipped with the powerful system of ventilation and air-cooling with the possibility to precisely control temperature in the premises. Good planning of the building permits to accommodate exposition in each of the four halls autonomously with different sound tracking and at the same time creates unified impression of the exposition.
The new exhibition complex “Pinakoteka” has been nominated for the architectural award of 2010. The monumental ascetic environment is most favourable for exposing the modern art and design.
“Pinakoteka” Ltd. is a new enterprise founded by the people associated with art and film industry. At the moment “Pinakoteka” is making the first moves to organise the work of the viable exhibition hall. Principal directions of activity of the exhibition hall are: organisation of international exhibitions, exposure of exchange and mobile exhibitions, therefore for successful development of the exhibition activities it is very important to have contacts with museums, exhibition halls, artist organisations, cultural institutions and individual artists.
The premises are open for the environment and at the same time create intimate, meditative mood. We believe that with the given economic components and due to the fact that all possible events organisers attracted experienced experts of management and advertising to the event preparation, Triennial, mesa, workshop has a very good chance to become a tremendous artistic event in the area of art and industrial design.
Our premises are very capable in terms of technological performance. The building is provided with high-speed optical internet cable, ventilation, conditioning etc. We can organise and accomodate many different events: workshops, exhibitions, meetings of the participants with the mass media representatives, TV and radio. The interview with the Triennial participants is being prepared. Opening of the exhibition and the artistic process can be watched on-line via web-cams located in the halls of “Pinakotēka” on our web-site, Planned video and photo capturing of the process of creation – from the sketch to the production process. For advertising purposes a big banner (3 m x 10 m) shall be placed at the phacade of the building and posters in public places. Planned cooperation and placement of information on the web-sites of the Bureau of Culture of the Riga City Council and the Riga district Marupe.
Advertising on the web-sites of our friends—the Union of Artists of Latvia, the Union of Architects of Latvia and the Union of Designers of Latvia.

Invitations to visit the exhibition shall be sent to groups of school children, students, students of artistic institutions and unions of pensioners. Programme of the tours worked out for definite groups of visitors shall be prepared in order to bring the idea of the exhibition to the spectators and make them interested.
During the opening of the exhibition and in the process of work of exposition the monitors of big TVs shall reflect the filmed working process: how the light transparent design is created by hard work and complex technological processing.
For more information about our organization visit the webpage ( or contact us. To conclude, we think that this could be a brand new start for a fantastic collaboration and the beginning of a discussion implementation here in “Happy Art Museum”. We hope that with time meetings in “Pinakoteka” can become regular annual event with the big number of participants and can stimulate the activity of the art and industrial design of the Baltic, Northern and all European countries.

Best regards,
Member of the board
Dags Vidulejs+37129595885