Brachia olive oil packaging
Visual Identity, Illustration, Packaging
Designed in 2006
CLIENT: Brachia p.z.

Brachia is a Croatian olive oil premium brand from the island of Brač. Brachia olive oils are made from awarded olive cultivar named Oblica. There are two line extensions of the olive oil brand – standard and premium in classic 0.25, 0.75 and 1 liter packagings and exclusive in 0.5 and 0.25 liter packagings. The task was to design labels for classic standard and premium packagings which would define oil’s quality and authenticity as well as to design packagings for the exclusive edition which would define oil as premium, high quality, original and valuable. 

Standard and premium lines of Brachia olive oil come in existing glass packagings. Due to segmenting of target groups and to different and specific market placement, two different labels were designed for these two lines. For the standard line, the brand name Brachia with illustration of an olive tree branch appears in the front while the label on the back contains information about the origin and composition of the oil. For the premium line extension, angular labels were designed in which the brand Brachia, partially pressed in Braille varnish, appears with an illustration of an olive tree leaf. The label contains information about the origin and composition of the oil. 

Excusive hand made 0.5 liter packaging of Brachia olive oil is suitable as a gift or a souvenir. The ceramic packaging is shaped as an olive fruit in white coating, with a neck shaped as a small olive branch on which a pendant designed as an oil leaf is affixed. The ceramic “Olive” comes in a cardboard box wrapped in wood structured paper, along with a small metal funnel/cap designed for use after the removal of the original wooden cap.

This product is outstanding in the market because of its re-usability as a decorative and functional object and the packaging stands out due to its design that clearly communicates purpose (an olive fruit for olive oil) and product advantages (white ceramics in an almost pharmaceutical form for a healthy aliment). 
DESIGNED FOR: Tridvajedan agency
DESIGN: Izvorka Jurić 
PRODUCT DESIGN: Izvorka Jurić, Jelena Gvozdanović
PHOTOGRAPHY: Mladen Šarić, Maja Danica Pečanić
Besides classic, the aromatized olive oils with lemon and chili taste are also offered in an exclusive packaging. Since these oils are consumed in smaller portions than classical olive oil, the “Olive” was downsized to smaller capacity of 0.25 liter. The aroma distinction was achieved with the coordination of colors (yellow for lemon and red for chili). Small “Olives” come in a single cardboard packaging or in a shared packaging containing all three different sorts of Brachia olive oil.
part of a traveling exhibition “Contemporary Croatian Design – In a Nutshell” CDS and Croatia Ministry of Culture, 2012, CRO
published in a book “Hrvatski dizajn sad / Croatian Design Now”, Victor Margolin and Feđa Vukić, 2009, CRO
Creativity Annual Gold Award, 38th Creativity Annual Awards, 2008, USA
ADI Graphic Design Annual, Art and Design Institute of China Academy of Art, 2008, PRC
ZGRAF honorable mention, ZGRAF 10 International exhibition of graphic design and visual communications, 2008, CRO
Golden Drum finalist, Golden Drum Festival, 2008, SLO
The Cup, International advertising cup – ICAC, 2008, SLO
FESTO Golden Bell, 16. FESTO – Festival of marketing communications, HOZ, 2008, CRO
published in Novum – world of graphic design, New Media Magazine Verlag GmbH, 02 / 2008, D 
published on The Dieline, 2008, Internacional
published on Israeli Design Magazine, 2008, Internacional
PRINT’s A+C=D Business Graphics Review, PRINT Magazine, 2007, USA
Nomination for President Award – Top 5 packaging of the world, WPO – World Packaging Organization, 2007, S
WorldStar Award for Packaging Excellence, WPO – World Packaging Organization, 2007, S
published in DesignWeek, DesignWeek Magazine, 2006, GB
040506 Exhibition of Croatian Design, CDS, Croatian Designers Society, 2006, CRO
BEDA European Design Award, Bureau of European Design Associations, 2006, B
FESTO Silver Bell, 14. FESTO – Festival of marketing communications, HOZ, 2006, CRO
CroPak of the Year, CroPak – national festival of packaging and printing, Institute of Packaging and Printing, 2006, CRO.
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Brachia olive oil packaging

Brachia olive oil packaging

Excusive hand made packaging of Brachia olive oil is suitable as a gift or a souvenir. The ceramic packaging is shaped as an olive fruit in white Read More