Megapixels Productions

This was a project that came quite close to my heart. Primarily because it's my brother's company. We're now working together but it started off as a family hobby and then turned in to a profession. We've been photographing since we were 12 and 11 ( My brother and myself ) respectively and it's been a hell of a ride. We started with the Older Yashika 645 MF 120 Film cam's and then moved on to the 35 mm cam's with the Asahi Pentax ESii. And now we're shooting with Digital System's. Here's what we thought would represent us. 
The original concepts involved three strokes and had a weave in to the name showing up somewhere. In the eventuality, we seemed to like the idea and moved forward with developing it further. A few attempts with leaves and the likes ended us up with something that made us smile. 
The idea behind making an identity video was for use on our wedding / promotional videos.