WorkFlowMotion Magazine
This big project connected the , Photography and Graphic of the Lette-Verein. , , a lot of students, big publicity, a great venue and a lot of fun! The spectators had the chance to watch the progress from a blank textile to the costume and from a picture to a video clip. Further they could join an open forum and attend a professional Fashion Show. 

We had the assignment to create a magazine for the event showcasing the work. We split up in , each covering a certain topic about fashion and another group designing the jacket and the binding. We all had to use the DinPro Regular as our main font, but could choose another font to play with. We set down the format and a basic grid, we voted for the logo and its position on the front pages of each booklet.
Each group collaborated with a student from the photography course, worked out a pictorial language and had a photo shoot. Murkudis, the Berlin fashion designer and former student at the Lette-Verein and took amazing portraits of the fame. Another group dealt with different materials and their qualities, another with the question "what is fashion?". And another team again focused on poems, or better on the poetry of fashion. Their book told a story, in pictures and quotations instead of continues text. 
All together by a fanfold cover, which itself presents the the outer side and detailed information about the program of the event on the inner side. 
Space: Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin
Photography: Flora Ines Karger, José Ernesto Rodríguez
WorkFlowMotion Magazine
Multiple Owners
José Ernesto Rodríguez