Melissa Garlington
Visual Designer
My name is Melissa Garlington and I am a graphic designer with a MSc. in Multimedia and more than 5 years of experience in advertising, web, animation, print, and digital campaigns for international agencies. Over the past few years I have worked extensively in the brainstorm and development of advertising campaigns in digital and print formats. The following pieces are samples of Social Campaigns I've worked on.
The main goalfor WWF is to protect the future of nature biodiversity on Earth. If peoplestart with small actions today (nomatter how small the participation might be) they’ll eventually have a greatimpact in our world tomorrow.
This piece was awarded the third place in one of UNESCO’S worldwide competitions in order to promote the ‘International Mother Language Day’. The idea was to show a wide range of people from different nationalities in a big assembly. They sit in small groups at these letter shaped tables and exchange ideas despite their language or nationality.

Gandhi Bookstorewanted younger audiences to read more classics. Postcards and digitalscreensavers were made as promotional pieces. ‘Classics are still alive’ showsdifferent books such as the all time favourite where images risethree-dimensionally as if they were animating inside the book.
Thiscompetition was open to designers who were under 25 years old. The brief wasfrom Greenpeace and their main goal was to motivate people to donate a smallamount of money to their environmental cause. In this piece the tag line reads‘Your participation counts’ and it shows a fingerprint that symbolises aperson’s identity. The fingerprint has a tree shaped inside that represents theoutcome of their participation.
Through aninternational competition FSC asked designers to make a campaign explainingwhat the organization’s mission is. For this piece I visualised their logo as afortress because their main goal is to keep forests safe from illegal logging.
Focus Irelandis a non-governmental organization that helpshomeless people. Their main goal is to create awareness between the public inorder to get enough donations. This creative shows a cardboard sign thathomeless people would typically use to ask for help. In the middle there’s ahole with a house shape showing a homeless environment in Dublin city. Thispiece reminds us of the vulnerability that these people have to suffer whenthey have no other options but living on the streets.