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    Map diary in the form of a set of scarves, badges and booklet.
Map Diary Scarves
Discovering the self through the city
A collection of scarves, containing hidden maps which aid the user in their search for self-knowledge and new experiences, while also aiding in the recording and reflection upon those experiences, allowing them to learn from the patterns of their own behaviour.

They record their favourite experiences and memories geographically, developing a personalised map that works as a visual diary.

First the receiver can use the maps and accompanying booklet of information and tasks as a way to explore the city and discover new places to learn about. Over time they will accumulate experiences which they can one by one record on their map diary, transforming it into a keepsake, as well as becoming a way of “tagging” the city with their memories.

Users attach the included small colour-coded patches onto the appropriate spots of their chosen memories.

The booklet contains little examples of unusual information about each area as well as tasks for the user to perform should they want to get to know the area better. These could be searching for hidden historical spots, attending a special event, or doing further research about the area. The booklet is pocket-sized for ease of use.

Example of one of the scarf patterns, created in Photoshop.
Shoreditch - Example of one of the maps inside a scarf, edited to suit the colours of the outer scarf.
Patches - each colour represents a different type of memory

The brief - design something as a gift in response to an anonymous gift from another student. The gifts we received were meant to express something about the sender that they wanted to imply through a design, without revealing their identity. We had to analyse this gift to understand something about their personality, and design an appropriate gift for them.

From what I received, through much observation and research, I decided that what they were expressing was that they were someone very visual, who wants to see new things, who seeks change and new experiences, who is very curious. They aren't sure who they are yet, but are ready to go out into the world and figure that out.

I wanted to make something that would help them in this phase of their life but getting them to see new places and try new things. I also considered that they were a Goldsmiths student, so might be new to London or even the UK. Since they will be spending 3 years in London as a student they might appreciate a memento from their time spent here. I included a New Cross map since they would be studying there, if not living there as well. I chose the other maps to reflect the areas a student was most likely to spend time in.


Research, idea generation, development, etc.

Belt buckle holder for card game that aids the user in exploring the city and meeting new people.
Prototype included a fold out map with stickers for the memories.