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    TOMS.com Redesign
Ficticious Redesign of TOMS.com
Web design is becoming an even more prominent part of graphic design work. To further develop skills in designing websites and overall usability, I was asked to redesign and update the current TOMS.com. The updated website needed to be able to continue to push the overall message of TOMS while also introducing new customers to the company.
When I look at companies like TOMS shoes, I see a small company that is trying to make an even bigger impact in the world by not only making shoes, but also funding their own humanitarian organization. To sell more shoes, reach a new audience, and fund this humanitarian organization, I decided TOMS needed a brand upgrade and should start to be seen as more of a high-end fashion brand. Looking at a variety of different websites for other high end brands, I decided to try and simplify the website as much as possible using a condensed color scheme and duotone photos to bring it all together. Adding in some other features that really connect the customer to the brand, such as an archive of previous designs, allows the company to show the customer what they have missed and gives the customers ideas of what is to come. This kind of feature makes the brand feel more exclusive and gives both the brand and website the high-end feel.