MDC Stirrup Rebranding and Ad Campaign
This is the original website for MDC Intelligent Stirrups. The products were mixed in with jump course design and expert witness services. First step was to give the stirrups their own ecommerce site where the brand was not diluted.
Home page for the redesigned site
The entire ad campaign was an effort to get riders to think about what they use for stirrups. Research showed that most riders give very little thought to their irons and most have stirrups older than 5 years. Creating the right tag line was also part of the challenge.  The above ad was all about the need to upgrade your stirrups. The two ads below were drawing attention to main concern of riders, appropriate tread and cushioning for the joints. Recently, there has been a  trend for very aggressive "cheese grater" treads, that while yes, they held you foot, shredded boot soles and caused escape problems. Lastly, MDC stirrups have a feature that help riders with joint problems and flexion issues.