A Few Bad Apples
Hard Cider for a New Generation
A Few Bad Apples™ is a cider making experience started in 2004 by a group of individuals interested in the cider making process. The first location of the pressing and fermenting took place in Gibsonia, PA. It has since moved to Stanton Heights, Pittsburgh PA and is growing in number of participants. Pressing takes place in late summer/early fall and bottling continues through the fall, into early winter. A Few Bad Apples™ does tastings on site and upon occasion, in local establishments in Pittsburgh.

This is the third generation of the basic branding label. Their have also been numerous labels for special brews, events and other fermented items. Ideas are generated amongst the group and implemented by local graphic designer, Nicole Lynn Loskoch Flaherty. A small portfolio of her work, showcasing some label design and photography work is located at the Few Bad Apples™ location.