Fan Expo Case Study

Geek/Comic Conventions draw thousands of people to their events every year. Fan Expo specifically draws over 100K every year.

While these are great numbers, it becomes difficult for attendees to fully enjoy all that is being offered due to:
- Crowded dealers rooms
- Insane line-ups for celebrity autographs
- Interesting panels that occur close to or at the same time
- Trying to find people or particular locations within the space

To address these pain points, I designed an app that allows users to navigate the space, find friends, keep track of panels, parties, and other activities, and notify attendees of any last minute changes to schedules or locations.

Primary research was done through a basic online survey about Fan Expo, directed towards attendees.
Excerpt from the online survey of Expo Attendees
Based on the comments that were repeated by attendees in the survey, the personas began to take shape. There are three personas that I felt were the main attendees and potential users of the app- Friendster, Cosplay Queen/King, and Superfan. 

Whenever I create personas, I always envision them being associated with a particular feature of the app. In the persona below, Friendster is all about the Friends feature, and secondly the Calendar. She wants to keep up with her friends, attend all the cool events with her buddies, and share pictures with other users.  
Persona 1
Designing From the Ground Up

In order to create a simple-to-use app, I developed a sitemap to help establish a clear information architecture. There are very few pages to navigate through, and easy ways to reach each section.
Site map
Now informed with a clearer IA, I began with initial sketches. Here are some ideations of the main sections of the app: Calendar & Events, Maps, Friends, and Updates.
Calendar & Events Page sketch
Home Page sketch
This is a work in progress as there are many, many layers of screens that still need to be added to the project, but I wanted to show at least some of the progress made on this crucial UX step. 

The calendar and the maps section will be the most challenging as I need to keep it simple, but allow for the types of features and filters that the users had requested in the first research stage. 

For example, a calendar can be viewed in multiple ways: 

● A table (shown in the main page as the default)

● A list by room

● A list by time slot

Different options make it easier for users to choose which events to attend.

Expo App Project

Expo App Project

This is an idea I had for a comprehensive app for Convention attendees, specifically for Fan Expo Canada