PF Goudy Initials Pro
Modern Cyrillic 2009 | International Type Design Competition | Award of Excellence
Goudy Initials Pro
Copyright ©1998-2005
Designer: Panos Vassiliou
The Latin characters were designed by Frederic Goudy around 1918. These complicated initials are considered to be among the most beautiful ever made. Designer Panos Vassiliou digitized these characters from original sources back in 1998. Then the Greek characters were patiently and carefully designed to match the original forms. Every letter comes with a different background. As early as 2001 he managed to put these characters together and offer them for the first time as postscript type 1 and truetype fonts. The new ‘Pro’ version which was finished in 2005, is truly an amazing series. Parachute’s design staff expanded this typeface to include Cyrillic characters as well. Furthermore, a special new bonus typeface is bundled with the ‘Pro’ version. PF Goudy Ornaments includes 30 complicated ornaments and frames based on Goudy’s originals. Some of them were restructured to include connecting forms for longer syntheses. Finally, both typefaces come with additional styles which can be used as layers for unlimited colour variations.
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PF Goudy Initials Pro

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PF Goudy Initials Pro