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    Animation for kIRk, polish band. https://soundcloud.com/kirkkirk
Animation: Joanna Jurczak
Music: kIRk
kIRk is a band looking for new forms of expression at the crossings of electronic and acoustic music. The group consists of three musicians: Paweł Bartnik (electronic instruments), Olgierd Dokalski (trumpet) and Filip Kalinowski (turntables). Each of them comes from a different musical background, therefore they approach composition in various ways. Nevertheless, their common ground is improvisation, which allows the sound to travel far beyond the limitations of a genre. Intuition and the will to communicate lead the team to their goals. The outcome is a sound filled with organic drama, while avoiding the obvious.
The progressive thinking and revolutionary attitude of the band has been recognised and appreciated by the leader of the Swans, Michael Gira, pioneer of the futuristic jazz trumpet Nils Peter Molvaer and the godmother of the experimental beats and bass scene Mary Anne Hobbs. kIRk visited the renowned British music site The Quietus, the legendary Tresor club and such festivals as OFF, Open'er and Satta Outside.