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    Created all art for the hex-tile spacial board game Factory Funner, which was successfully Kickstarted.
In case you were wondering about the strange name, Factory Funner is Dutch game designer Corné Van Moorsel's sequel to his 2006 original game Factory Fun. Factory Funner was successfully funded by 190% of its original funding goal on Kickstarter. Role: All illustrations, game component graphic design & Kickstarter campaign graphic design.

Cover art:
In Factory Funner, players play as factory managers competing to build the most profitable factory by building machines and pipes and supply reservoirs and output reservoirs in various configurations, being careful not to hamper their future progress and spend all their points adding a new machine.
A game in action:
This gif shows you how a game might go. Each time you place anything, you incur costs. So you must try to minimise your costs while maximising your profits (the gold coin). Chaining colours effectively can give you more points.
The stars of this game are the machines, and here you can see all of the machine tiles in all their collective glory. It was super fun designing these, as Corné gave me almost complete free reign over the creative.
The Machines:
Here are some of the machines that are a little nods at stuff that we all know and love, without being blatant and silly. I really enjoy cross-fiction mashups. It's a shame that they're usually not officially possible.
These are some of the machines I really enjoy for their own artistic and creative silliness :)
Print production is one thing that's rarely taken note of in a boardgame, I'd just like to share with you how that looks during the birthing process. This is one of the boards laid out for printing. Red lines are for cutting, blue lines are for folding.
Print layout:
Some stats on the Kickstarter campaign:
- The campaign hit 100% funding in 4 days on 8 September 2015
- It was 190% funded in the end, on 2 October 2015
- 669 Backers
- €42,059 raised
- Just over 1,100 copies printrun.
- 8 stretch goals hit, with the 8th reached in the last hour of the campaign. Exciting stuff :)
Kickstarter marketin material: