Treetop Properties
Website Design
A burgeoning young business by the name of Treetop Properties, with three properties to its name and a plan for expansion, set out to make its presence known on the web. With a tight budget but a need for quality, Treetop turned to Twin State Technical Services to provide a simple, attractive online brochure of its growing set of properties.

Treetop is the kind of client everyone wants: one that knows what they want, has examples to back it up, has a good branding identity already in place, and knows how to scale their needs to the present. Twin State provided the kind of design Treetop was looking for, and on record-time, even going so far as to invite the client into the office to make design decisions at my desk. My 27" iMac's large, glossy screen proves its worth again and again as clients like Treetop begin to smile while watching their designs come to life. Having discussed what future property acquisition expansions might look like, Twin State looks forward to its ongoing relationship with Treetop Properties as their business continues to flourish.

View the site live at:
 The homepage features a content slider to view the five available properties, each with its own photo slider right there on the homepage to view sample pictures. Calls to action for current tenants and prospective renters are clearly designed.
 The Properties proper page features a full assortment of images for each property in a list, with a photo slider for each house. Future availability is shown in a table, and clear Call-To-Action buttons appear below each property's image.
 A property map clearly shows distance to campus for Augustana College students looking to rent.