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There is any number of reasons that a client would have to make changes to a piece. From time to time I like to show my earlier proof of a piece because there my have been some element that I really appreciated in the earlier proofs. In this particular piece the client opted to cut some of the photos to make room for information that came in after the project started. Since the piece was meant to be used as a tool for tourists, the photos had to go. I truly understood the need to nix the photos, but I did want to share the original proof with my audience here. This is a 4 panel, gatefold brochure. What you see here is a mock-up of the front and back of the brochure in its closed state.
Here's another mock-up from the original proof. This represents another layer to the inside of the brochure. If laid flat in this state the brochure could be read as a whole piece.
Here the 4 panel gatefold is completely open. Many of the photos that you see here were cut to make room for content, however many of the ornamental photos did remain.
This is the final press ready layout for the outside of the brochure. Much of the original layout remains intact. There were a few denim elements added to marry this piece to an existing event.
And here is the final press ready layout for the inside of the brochure. While some of the human elements were removed, I think the piece still serves its original purpose...to use as a guide to the Southwest Louisiana Boudin Trail.