Illustrated Identity for New Orleans Book Festival 2015
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    Promotional art collection created for the 2015 New Orleans Book Festival.
I had the opportunity once again to create the promotional matter for the annual two-day New Orleans Book Festival at City Park. I was given free rein to conceptualize, propose, and execute a wholly original approach. I elected for this folk-style illustration set depicting the flora, fauna, culture, and cuisine of New Orleans, with nocturnal and diurnal flair (representing the two days of the festival) as well as a fair bit of rustic hand-lettering.
Based on the work I did in 2014, I knew that this year's illustration needed to be expressive, evocative, and, importantly, versatile. This custom illustration set serves as the festival's event-wide branding for 2015. It was designed to be adaptable to any potential collateral, without compromise. The modular graphic elements were put into use in many applications from fliers and signage of different dimensions down to teeny social media graphics. They took their most dynamic form at, where the developer added animations which shifted when scrolling. 
Book Fest logo by Rhett Thiel. Secondary typeface is Hello Beautiful.
This is the front of the flier, the most massively produced piece of this set. It was distributed all over the city.
Screenshot of the dynamic website activated by scrolling.
A kiosk sign placed at the Broad Street Whole Foods along with a couple of Blaine Kern figures.
I almost produced an art print to be sold at the festival for the benefit of Big Class! I got as far as ordering it from a printer, and then the festival had to be canceled due to the threat of rain. Bummer. Here was my suggested framing.