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    Rebranding campaign for Stripes convenience stores.
By virtue of its takeover-based ubiquity, Stripes had become the dominant convenience store in small towns (and its Corpus Christi hometown) across Texas, parts of New Mexico and bits of Arizona. What it possessed in location, location, location, however, it lacked in brand, brand, brand. The fact that the store had locations in areas ranging from lily Caucasian to heavily Hispanic only confused the issue. Our campaign embraced this seeming cultural disparity by embracing the shared psychographics of our patrons – hardworking folks who just wanted a fair shake and to be enthusiastically supported by the companies they did business with. Bold, spicy and bold, we spread our message far, wide and economically via outdoor (including interactive, Twitter-fed digital boards), Facebook, a new website, radio and even in the occasional event sponsorship – two words: wrestling mascots. Sales blossomed, rejoicing was had, yadda, yadda.

Note: I was writer or CD for these projects. Bug me if you want to know who did what.
Nellie :45/:15 
Planet Thirst :45/:15 
Twitter-fed (and curated) outdoor
Obie-winning outdoor
Facebook tab - pre-"Liked"
Facebook tab - post-"Liked" - Home
(the balloon and clouds float by in the background) - Laredo Taco Company - Investors - Connect
Behind-the-scenes footage from Lucha Libre event sponsorship. Muy experiential.