Brand Identity for Hawthorne Homemade
Hawthorne Market is a small local market that sells fruit and veggie juices, a sandwich or two, and lots of locally-made snacks and other small goods. I was struck by the rustic and healthy atmosphere when I first visited the space, and the Hawthorne sisters expressed their love of reusing and recycling--even the wood used for the produce station is reclaimed (from Hawk & Dove in DC).

We wanted the brand to be reflective of the Hawthorne sisters' loves of recycling, reusing, and not being wasteful, so we decided to use stamps on existing scraps of paper instead of ordering new paper goods. The stamps allow the branding elements to be used per application while never straying from the rustic stamp look and the goal of reusing. Business cards will be made as needed, with some to start (from shopping bags, junk mail, and other paper in need of a new breath of life). Letterhead, envelopes, and other collateral can also be created as needed. An inexpensive and strong branding solution, the Hawthorne stamps will convey the messages of the market while allowing for flexibility with the market's growth.