It had never been an easy thing to be a sushi chef in Japan. You had to start an apprenticeship for three years before you can master the nigiri sushi, and five years before you perfect maki sushi, the roll, and you needed 10 years before you become a full-fledged sushi master.

As technology advances, the traditional art also has a new look. In order to inherit the delicious typical food, future sushi chefs have combined part of their body with the robotic mechanism, so the interested young chefs could make the same sushi more easily and effectively.

The machine itself is recorded the correct sushi cooking technology. Three glass tubes in the lower arm are made to place fresh wasabi, soy sauce and chopsticks. The rice cooker on the shoulder could fully cook hot rice in five minutes.
Director / Te-Yu Liu
Visual Director / Jimmy Cho
Animating / Modeling / Texturing / VFX / Lighting / Compositing: Te-Yu Liu
Co-Workers / Chung Lun Wu, Jimmy Chen
Music / Vase by Jared C. Balogh
Draft / Layout: Te-Yu Liu
Coloring: Kuan-Hung Chen, Pei-Yin Shih