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    Art department concept models and maquettes.
Real models for live action movies! 
A good art department saves a production a lot of money and will make the film easier on the eyes, which in turn will bring in more profit.  Models save the art-dept time and money, they can be used by everyone intuitively.  Models are used by art directors, production designers, directors, set builders etc...   You just never know what you have, until you have a physical 3d model in front of you.  When you're making sets that will cost millions, it can really count.  The following  pictures are of art department models I've worked on.  Some of them are based or partially based  on drawn plans and some of them are designed and rendered from scratch.
TIMELINE (Paramount Pictures)
An explosion aftermath study on a medieval armory.  It never got built as a set.  
Tom Sanders (Visual Consultant) supervised all the model designs and built quite a 
few things as well.
The time machine.  Worked with fellow model maker Naaman Sanders on most of the models.  Complete with swiveling half-way mirrors. 1" scale.  "Timeline",  Paramount Pictures.
The castle as it was in the background and it's ruin in current times in the foreground.
SECRET WINDOW (Sony Pictures)
A hybrid mock-up and concept model for the cabin in "Secret Window".   Lighting, terrain, backdrop, shooting platform, size etc were figured out via this model. The special 40ft high backdrop was going to be very expensive($$$), so figuring out the exact dimensions was essential. Figuring out the size of the terrain and the hight of cabin was also crucial because it meant the smallest studio space possible could be rented. Lots of building and functionality bugs in the design were also caught in time.
MUMMY III (Universal Pictures)
A concept model for the "Great Wall under construction" for the MUMMY III.  I had a couple of chicken scratches and some oral directions from the production designer to work with for this one.   The set was built in Mongolia... or China using only this model as reference.
A 1/24 model of a cave that was started by fellow model-makers/sculptors.  After finishing the design, the model was 3d scanned and digitized.  Then set designers turned that into 2d drawings that set builders could use to build the 1/1 set.
A temple gateway.  Mummy III.
An avalanche aftermath designed quickly with aluminum foil (ended up looking nothing like this in the film).
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