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    Branding project for DIW book, concepts for the book and materials around it.
In the course of over a year, I created the brand identity, principles chapters illustrations, concepts, websites, motion graphic pieces and all the content related to the book. 
"If you've ever wondered if your digital marketing is working, this book will help you reevaluate everything you're doing. By following 10 key principles, you'll be able to measure the data that really matters, launch the initiatives that really pay off, and inspire the creativity that really drives an effective campaign.  Each of the 10 principles starts with a link to a short video introducing the principle, giving real world examples to bring it to life.   You'll hear the personal insights of the world's greatest business leaders and the professional triumphs (and tumbles) of the world's biggest brands. You'll learn how to hire and inspire the rare creative "unicorns" who turn marketing into magic. You'll find new ways to turn data into ideas and obstacles into opportunities. You'll turn web site visitors into followers, followers into sharers, and sharers into your very best customers."
Early chapter ideas.