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Vortex Newsletter
HTML email redesign: more usable, better branded, more chance of conversion
The vortex is a jazz venue in Hackney, London, UK. Their mailout is inconsistent in terms of design and branding, and fails to capture any of the atmosphere of the club and surrounding environment.

I reworked the template using brand colors for subheads, a stylized header image, clear contact info, clearer layout with better use of vertical space, consistent design with usability in mind - permalink to a googlemap for the venue (many customers are tourists unfamiliar with the city, and there are no totally direct public transport links to the venue...).

I mocked up the newsletter as an Aquisiton-targeted (New Membership) mailer, and did not feature the listings content. In the actual Vortex mailer, the new membership information was augmented onto the bottom of the mailer design, after the listings content (which was 4000px long!).

A sample of the actual Vortex mailer, rendered in hotmail, below. After that, the black version is the redesign..