character design
The website is to be designed for searching food destinations in the city. The idea here is different people have different 'search' requirements. The website is still under construction. 
The Budget Search Man : He believes best things in life are free, or almost. Someone who values money and wants value for the last dime.
The Cuisine Search Lady : She believes eating is more than just the food, it is an experience. She is the one who has the talent and the inclination to be a food critic, probably is one already, in official or unofficial capacity.
The Location Search Dude : He loves his food home delivered. Or if he HAS to step out, he wants to be back before the commercial during half time get over. 
The Party Planner girl : She likes to party. She is a regular on page3 because she knows how to do it right. 
The mockup with the dummy text in place.