Brawndo packaging.
The objective of this project was to take a fictionalized energy drink called "Brawndo" from the movie Idiocracy and class it up a bit.

For the unaware, the movie Idiocracy is a comedy wherein the entire population of the Earth has suffered a vast drop in their collective I.Q. and utilize Brawndo for everything simply because it is the most popular drink out.

There were several fake commercials on produced on Youtube that served as the inspiration for this project, the commercials were supposed to be what the people in Idiocracy would have seen and as such, are basically a man with a gravelly voice yelling at you the entire time while listing the amazing things that Brawndo does. Some of these are that is is made with 100% concentrated rage and tastes as awesome as a T-rex riding a rocket ship, elements which I carried into my design.