The House that Alexis Built (MPCDS Senior Year)
The House that Alexis Built
Senior Honors Art ~ E.Menge ~ 1/15-5/11/2009
An exercise in fantasy as therapy - both for the dreamer and for the outside observer, the project was undertaken in the context of a city unimaginatively rebuilding its housing stock. The project aimed to bridge the normative and the fantastic to create a polemic against what seemed, at the time, to be a fear of attachment between home owner and new home - a symptom of elevating standardized trailers and impersonal hotel rooms to the status of "home" during the city's exodus.

I took Alexis Joubert, a fellow student, as my first "client" and together we came up with such amenities as a grotto in the living room, a Joel Sanders-esque bathroom suite, and a two story bedroom with the "Lit Clos Sleeping Cabin" by Cappellini as its centerpiece.