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Blood Sweat and Tears Apparel
Apparel Design Entrepreneurship Venture
Blood Sweat and Tears Apparel was an entrepreneurship venture that I began with a partner during the summer of 2011. It was in incredible experience not only in design, but in business essentials. I was able to learn how to apply design in a pragmatic manner to apparel. In addition, I gained experience working directly with screen printers in order to produce the best results. Not only was I able to create my own line of apparel, but I was able to offer my design services to create apparel for others.
This was one of the first shirts that I designed with Blood Sweat and Tears Apparel. The shirt was created in order to establish the brand, and set the tone for the company's target audience. The shirts are printed on heavy cotton American Apparel material.
This is the last shirt that I designed with Blood Sweat and Tears Apparel. As our audience was geared mainly towards CrossFit Athletes, this shirt marries the kettlebell and the grenade. Many of the target audience members are current or former military personnel.
Stickers that I designed and created to accompany shirt purchases.
Information cards that were a part of the proposal package used to attract new gyms as clients.
Blood Sweat and Tears Apparel business card design