Obesity Control Center
Branding, web design, development and patient engagement
OCC is one of the world's leading weight loss surgical centers. I led a team of designers, web developers and copywriters to re-develop the OCC brand, overhall is PPC and online advertising efforts, and find new ways to reach new patients who need OCC's services.
Primary website (obesitycontrolcenter.com). 
Over 90% of site traffic was generated through an extensive PPC campaign. Site metrics defined the primary areas of content delivered on the home page, and the primary lead paragraph was written for optimum keyword search criteria based on OCC's primary services. The large call to action button ("Contact Us") was refined over time, with A/B testing showing best positioning, typography and color choices. Since customer conversions are primarily measured through web form submissions through the Contact Us button (and toll-free call tracking), this button's effective design was critical. After new branding and site development was launched, conversions increased over 200% while cost-per-conversions was decreased by 50% (largely due to significant optimization of their PPC campaign).
Patient Website 
OCC gained their International Center of Excellence designation during the time I managed their account. In an effort to improve patient follow-up procedures and increase patient engagement, loyalty and referrals, I designed a web-based program that automated the follow-up process. In addition to providing vital data for patients and feedback for doctors at OCC, social sharing tools were designed in, allowing patients to share on Facebook their weight loss progress. 
Spanish version of the website.
Dr. Ortiz was earning a growing international reputation as one of the world's leading experts in weight loss surgery. Keyword search results showed us that a significant increase in searches for Dr. Ortiz's name. As a result, we designed this site for both SEO and branding purposes for Dr. Ortiz.
OCC Discussion Forum
The discussion forum had over 4,000 active users. We applied new branding and added new user guiding and promotional features to better engage this active audience of users.
Online Advertising
I managed a large and on-going PPC and SEO effort for OCC, that resulted in a 200% increase in conversions while reducing cost-per-conversion by nearly 50%. Banner ads were also placed on key user sites to both increase brand awareness and drive additional site traffic from primary targeted audiences.
Key Landing Pages
In an effort to increase conversion on PPC click-throughs, we developed unique landing pages for top-producing keywords. These landing pages were finely tuned to specific searches and audiences, in some cases increasing conversions as much as 150%.