Orbital Sander
Industrial design
This sleek compact wireless hand sander has one feature that makes it stand out from the rest. The innovation lies in what I would consider the most important aspect of a hand sander, andthat is its grip. the user needs to be able to hold the sander firmly to apply downward force, while maintaining control, often over a sustained period of time. This means just this one area has a tremendous impact on the sanders usability,comfort, and safety. My idea was to design a sander that was not only comfortable and easy to hold, but that gives you ultimate control and allows you to act instinctively. Instead of having to stretch your hand for buttons or dials to turn on the sander or change settings, the user simply pushes down to start sanding. You lead and the sander simply follows, the harder you push, the faster it goes. Not only does this make the sanding more intuitive, it also acts as a safety feature; whenever the user lets go the sander automatically turns off.
Pushing the top down is a more comfortable, stable and intuitive way to control the power output of the sander.
I started with a very quick sketch just to get an idea of the style and form I wanted. I wanted the form to be sleek and aggressive with quick lines. I also had to ensure that it had rounded edges and chamfers so that it fit in the hand ergonomically.
From the Alias model I used a 3D printer to bring the form to life. This means the model had to be very accurate in terms of tolerances and general construction. It also gave me a chance to see how the model fits in the users hand and test the new idea of a push to start sander.