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ani+ / Traditional Portuguese Toy
Class: Project in Design I / Tutors: Gonçalo Gomes + Helena Barbosa + Pedro Taboaço
1st Cycle Degree in Design / Aveiro University (2013) 
This project consisted in the creation of a toy that embodied the spirit of so many of the portuguese traditional toys that got “lost in time”, being also required the construction of a brand and a corporative identity (with the respective brand identity guide) as well as the use of wood as the predominant material on the toy. “ani+" is a brand of didactic toys consisting on several thematic collections, that introduces the animal kingdom to children. The concern with sustainable development and the respect for animals was one of the ideals of the brand that we projected, being the “Endangered Animals” Collection the one that served as an example for the development of this project. We selected six animals that are endangered on national territory and dedicated a volume to each one of them, with a package that contains information and data about the animal, a large picture and a wood miniature figure. The packaging design (numbered, foldable, with a foam base to put down the miniature) as well as the existence of several volumes, ends up creating in children a sense of order and organization, fundamental in pedagogical terms.
Besides the packages and the toys, we also had to elaborate the brand identity guidelines for “ani+”.