Memories of the Modern-Day Cuba
I felt in love with Cuba since I went there for the first time fourteen years ago. I still remember the excitement discovering it and how people were so familiar to me right away. Some places took me to my childhood instantaneously. In my last visit I adventured to go on the floors and corners letting the time pass without being in a hurry. I wanted to have a different point of view and change my perspective of things. Seeing through the lens I felt a special connection with those objects of everyday life that we always see but never really look at with attention.

There are sensations that any visitor can perceive when in Cuba. The sweet smell of the cigars since you arrive to the airport, the warm colors of the sunset while sitting on the Malecon wall. But there are some others more anonymous inside the houses. They need more attention. Textures on the walls and old windows tell you stories from the past. Magnificent buildings keep secrets worth to recover. Having the opportunity to live in an old house in Havana made me wonder how all those spaces would be when they were new and how people who lived there were like when it was built on the first half of the 20th Century.

This house is close to one of the main food markets in Havana, so even though inside there are plenty of calm, if you go out to the street you'll submerge yourself right away in the commotion of people talking loudly. I wanted to show the calm part of the visit. So here they are, some images to share with you all.