“I want something out of the ordinary something fresh that I can be proud of and identify with”
Samantha Gumisiriza C.E.O Uganda Directory
Uganda Directory had new owners who had different visions and plans for the company that differed from the predecessor’s visions. This called for a change in the image and there was a need to reposition Uganda directory as the number one online directory in Uganda
There was also a burning need to grow and expand its team which made it a less influential player in the directory market.
The challenge was to do all that within the client’s budget.
How we did it?
Brands and Code went deep in understanding the dynamics of a directory (we might have read a few articles on this).  We put great focus on identifying the core of the company (what it does and why) having numerous meetings to join thoughts on how what it should look and feel.
We identified the directory and info guide as the core of the business and we got to work.
Uganda Directory finally had a new face one that would stand out, an identity it would call its own which was the intended goal. Kudos to the team!