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Masters Course in Design-Concept Politecnico di Milano & DéLonghi Collaboration The project is based on DéLonghi's original Stretto design and … Read More
Masters Course in Design-Concept Politecnico di Milano & DéLonghi Collaboration The project is based on DéLonghi's original Stretto design and focuses on using colors, materials and finishes to change the target market of a product. Design Team: Wan Xuan Lim, Jane Tang, Dominic Poon Read Less
Changing a Product's Target Market via Colours, Materials & Finishes (CMF)

Choices of colours, materials and finishes can alter radically the target market and positioning of a product. Even though the original design is kept intact, a CMF process can change a product significantly.
Case Study - A Design Approach via Colours, Materials & Finishes (CMF)

In this project, the original Stretto radiator is proposed to be redesigned for 3 different contexts before continuing on a selected direction. Here, Stretto is redesigned in 2 variations and is targeted at a higher end market, for working professionals.

The approach and design process is briefly documented as follows:
1) Analysis of the Physical Characteristics

The Stretto radiator is taken apart and analyzed for its physical characteristics and technical details. Observations are done to understand the parts assembly and in particular, the materials, finishes and textures used in the radiator.

2) Analysis of the Market Distribution and Target Audience

The competitive products are mapped out, together with the position of the current product in the market. The matrix provides a better understanding via groupings of similar designs and characteristics.
3) Mapping and Positioning of the Product

The semantic nature is explored and mapped out to understand the current position of the product.

4) Mapping and Positioning of the Company

The company's strengths in its products are analyzed and compared to other companies to see where further improvements can be made.
5) Definition of the Characteristics of the Target and Context of Use

Designing for a newer target of working professionals in mind, the user context is analyzed to have a thorough understanding of the user. The story of the user includes the environment he stays in, the usage behavior he engages in, the lifestyle that he has and more.
6) Selection of Products Coherent with Target User

A moodboard of the user is presented. The images here describe the target user in extreme detail and sensitivity, taking products that are coherent with the user persona as representations.

7) Definition of New Colours for the Product

New colors are defined for the new product based on the various representations of the user.
8) Definition of the Colour Schemes

A color scheme proposal is done after the selection of colors. Consideration is made for the proportion to which each color should be used.

9) Definition of New Materials, Techniques and Finishes

Various real-life materials are sourced for the implementation into the new product. Consideration is made for the technique of usage in the various parts.
10) Proposal for a New Communication

The proposal includes new colour schemes and fonts coherent with the new image, a series of promotional items and the actual launch event of the product.

11) New Position of the Redesigned Product

Based on the initial matrix, the new position of the redesigned product is mapped again to understand the shift in target market.
A New Identity for Stretto 

The new design of Stretto emphasises on the quality of the materials used, to suit the identity of the working professionals.
Alternative Stretto Black Design Variation

The redesigned Stretto is offered in 2 variants to cater to the working professionals.