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    The wire frame series used to describe the product consideration/selection and then purchase user experience for an online shop.
A Complete E-Commerce UX Wireframe Set
Sketching User Experience - this is the step between a requirements document and mock ups.
This is the wireframe set for the e-commerce portion of an international brand's U.S. website. The site houses their corporate identity as well as individual sub-brands or product lines. These are presented as microsite user experiences that are navigated between via a tabbed super global navigation bar at the top.

This project is currently in development. I'll update with mockups and links to live pages after the project has launched. 
Product line landing page. This kicks off the product consideration/selection UX.
Product line catalog.
An individual product page with conditional elements called out and sketched.
Shopping cart view. The shopping cart is global to the site and can contain items and accessories from and product line or sub-brand.
This is where UX splits depending on your payment option choice. PayPal, logged in account holder or guest. Logged in account holders and guests have nearly the same experience. The logged in account holder's just have some of their form fields pre populated with existing data. We'll ignore the PayPal UX for now.
Once a user opts to login/is logged in or selects guest checkout, they end up here at shipping options.
After shipping comes payment.
And finally, confirmation. They are also emailed a receipt with this information.