New Horizons of Film Education
Graphic and visual identity for New Horizons Association
Design and art directing Gosia Stolinska hi.goszi
Distribute: French Institute in Poland, Air France, Cinema Film Festival of Children
Bonjour La France! Overview of French films not only for children.
New Horizons Film Education, together with the French Institute in Poland invited
to an extraordinary review of French cinema, not only for children.
Children's Day. Film review with the characters of Astrid Lindgren
Cinema Film Festival of Children and Spink Film Studio invited to a special review of the film, which is a meeting with the heroes of one of the most famous authors of novels and stories for children - Astrid Lindgren. On the occasion of Children's Day welcome small and large audiences to mischief with the children of Bullerbyn, they met brave Ronja, viewed the world from the perspective of Nils elf, set off on a journey with Rasmus and peered at June's Hill.