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FX Showreel
Last update : October 2015
Showreel Breakdown
Maya fluid effects.
Volume emitter and particles emitting "cold" with inherit velocity.
1 - Fracturation and simulation done in Maya with the plug-in "Pull Down it".
Rendered with Arnold.
2 - Destructions done with Maya DMM.
Particles instancing with base model, particle collision event to initiate the destructions and when particle dies, instanced to rest shape.
Maya / Mel scripting
Feature film "Humains" : modeling parts of the car.
Short film "Logorama" : lighting, rendering and compositing.
Fluid emitted from geometry surface with heat pass for compositing.
Modeling, rigging, animation of characters done with Maya.
Particles "goal" to characters with transition.
Maya fluid effects emitted from particles.
Explosion done with Maya fluid effects.
Explosion passes : RGB lights, diffuse, illumination and comp.
Commercial for Sony-Ericsson : modeling ,texturing and set-up (all).
Personal project.
Camera tracking done in NukeX.
Modeling of buildings and dynamic simulations done in Maya.
Maya fluid driven by particles.
Cloth support mesh driven by turbulence.
No field applied to fluids.
Maya / Mel scripting