View of the View
It was an experimental project created by a team, members came together from different countries as a part of the Workshop named MEDS (Meeting of Design Students). Which took part in National Park of Tara Mountain in Serbia along the first two weeks of August 2015.

*Project has been created with the intention of an ode to Nature.
Spiritual Proccess
The point was to create something as a human touch in "The View Point". All the desicions had been made in the workshop time after spending days looking for people's actions in the area and experimenting it just as human beings.
Toughts must have been decided carefully on the delicate area. So after all brainstorming and idea sharing after the observations. We came up with a hope of activating people's awereness of how unimagined the nature is. And the idea of chairs already staring the views in the area but not only the clearly seen ones. Inviting to discover more. Located in 7 choosen place.
Tech & Design Proccess
Design of The Chair (Shape, Colours, Prototypes, Modelling)
Finding suitable woods, cutting to the right sizes. Sanding. Shape the Details. Combining. Colouring. Placing
MEDS Workshop
TARA: Ground Zero
National Park of Tara Mountain Serbia
August 2015

Lukasz Jan Orlowski [PL]
Olivia Talina [CH]
Lotte Clementsen Hansen [DK]
A. Alperen Şahin [TR]
Tinka Legvart [SI]
Arthur Gouillart [FR]
Ariane Marilyn [DE]
Łukasz Rataj [PL]
Ekaterina Tsolova [BG]
Francesca Tumedei [IT]
Silvia Faggiani [IT]
Vincent [BE]
Johanna Taubenreuter [DE]
MEDS Tara 2015 – View of the View

MEDS Tara 2015 – View of the View

Experimental Project made by a team in MEDS workshop. An ode to nature.