Homage to "Skyfall" title sequence
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    Homage to "Skyfall" title sequence
007 is one of the most successful movie franchises in film history. In addition to its success, the design of the title sequence is as attractive as its story of a secret agent. From the title sequence of "Dr. No" designed by Maurice Binder in 1962 to the recent "Skyfall" by Daniel Kleinman, its design has been sexy, provocative, and high art-a dream job for designers.
As a huge fan of the 007 title sequences, I’ve always thought about creating my version of one. After watching “Skyfall” in 2012, I decided to create an homage to the sequence and in 2013 I began building a team with the help of my producers and friends Soyoung Kim and Jin Seo. We pulled all the strings to find talent, a choreographer, a stylist, a DP, and a VFX company. After several months, we were able to assemble a great team. I was especially lucky to have Claudia Kim from "Avengers:  Age of Ultron" (2015) as the main talent and Soojin Choi, one of the best dancers in Korea, as the choreographer. After all the obstacles we’ve encountered in the process over the last two and a half years, we’re happy to finally finish it and share it with you today.
Regarding the title sequence, we kept the original song by Adele and the general concept of the death experience of James Bond. However, while the original sequence was more focused on his out-of-body experience, we focused more on the temptation of death: he reaches the bottom of the pit, struggles internally, and is lured into death. In the end, he regains himself and stands strong from his inner battle. We also added a touch of fashion film to enhance the look of the female talent.
Enjoy the film and all comments are welcome!
‘Making of’ video
Produced at Ivanist
Creative Director / Heebok Lee
Art Director / Soyoung Kim
Producers / Soyoung Kim, Jin Seo
Assistant Director / Junghun Kim
Concept Designers / Chris Sanchez, Heebok Lee
Actress / Claudia Kim
Claudia Kim's Managers / Martin Chung, Kiyoon Bae
Claudia Kim's Make-up Artist / Heeyoung Seo
Claudia Kim's Hair Stylist / Sein Cha
Claudia Kim's Wardrobe / Hyeonryang Kim
Claudia Kim's Mask Design / Kyongsool Bae
Claudia Kim's Shoes Design / Jinny Kim

Choreographer /  Soojin Choi
Choreography Team / Soojin Choi, Yoonhee Lee, Luda Lee,
Jiyeon Yang, Jumi Lee, Gyeongjin Lee
Choreography Team's Wardrobe / Kyongsool Bae
Choreography Team's Make-up & Hair Stylist / Sooyoung Yoon

Korean Crew
Production Assistants / Nara Lee, Kyounghwa Shin
Director of Photographer / Dongeun Kim
First Assistant / Hyunwoo Choi
Second Assistant / Jewun Lee
Gaffer / Kyungmug Choi
First Assistant / Byoungjin Yang
Second Assistant / Himchan Seo
Third Assistant / Hyeonjin Kim
Fourth Assistant / Hyenseoung Shin
Photographer / Gunu Kim, Jinyoung Park
Set Location / Gonggan Studio

VFX Team
VFX Supervisors / Leeyoung Kim, Jongsoo Kim
3D Modelers, Animators / Hongchan Kim, Woosung Jung, Danyi Kim
2D Artists / Younghwa Kim, Anyoung Ryu, Seonyoung Son, Deaseung Kang,
Kihong Kim, Mihyeong Jo, Jihye Bang, Hyunsik Jeon, Gyeunghyeun Lee,
Jungbok Lee, Jongyeon Lim, Seungho Kim
VFX Supervisor / Jichul Lee
VFX Producer / Lyounghui Kim
CG Supervisor / Ihsu Yoon
Lead TD / G Ryun Kim
Modeling Supervisor / Sakamoto Daisuke
3D Modelers / Jiho Park, Hyunsub Ahn, Yohan Ha
Simulation TD / Sangwook Han
Animator / Jongho Kim
Lighting Supervisor / Jaewook Park
FX Supervisor / CH.H.NAM
FX TD / Soomin Chon
2D Lead Compositor / Dongeok Gang

Special Thanks to
Jooyoun Shin, Kangil Choi, Youngwoo Lee, Saemi Kim, Saerom Kim,
Kimsang, Byungryul Lee, Hyerim Song

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