Being part of a student organisation gets you inspired. Insipration comes from everything that surrounds you while you are in the organisation. This is my part of designs that inspired me to get the best of me.

I've created many designs but this few are the latest.
This design and quote was used worldwide in the association. Many people were touched with this quote.
Project Genesis - T-shirt Design Only
This design is the newest chosen design in IAESTE Macedonia. It represents the IAESTE genes that are in every person in the association.
Project España
This design is an design made for IAESTE Spain. It represents the spanish flag. Not sure if they used it.
Project Japan
This design is an design made for IAESTE Japan. Same as the design above, it represents the japanese flag. Not sure if they used it.
Project Breaking Bad
Being a huge fan of the breaking bad series I decided to make this design as a memory of them. Students from chemistry love the design.
Project Paris
Since there is no LC in Paris I made this project as an encouragment and inspiration to get more students there. It is simple and elegant design. When I want simple, black and white are my best colors for that.
Project Flash T-shirt Design Only
Flash is one of my favorite Marvel characters, and when the TV series went out I couldn't hold myself to make this design of him. This is design only for a t-shirt. As I am aware there is only 1 t-shirt made in the whole world with this design and guess who owns it ? Me ofc :)
Project Guardians of the Galaxy - T-Shirt Design Only
After seeing this movie and the power of the mixtape I decided to create this t-shirt design.
Project EX YU T-shirt and poster design 
The design below is made for an event that was hold in Macedonia. This event collected all the LC from the Balcan. As you can see the name tells you everything 'Find your Next EX'. All the promotional materials that were made for this event had this logo in it.
Project Company Shuttle
This event originally comes from IAESTE Austria. But they were so kind with everyone that decided to share it with the world. IAESTE Macedonia had the first ever company shuttle and this is the branded design that come with.
Project Annual Conference
While we are conferences and events I want to share this design as well. It's a poster made for the annual conference in macedonia 2012. As you can see the logo on the left is the logo of the conference. It is made out of 3 colors (orange,yellow and red). It represents the sun in Republic of Macedonia and contains the colors of the Macedonian flag (Yellow and Red) Also if you see it better it represents a joy and happiness because if you see the red you can see a smile, a happy face. This design was created originally by me and with the help of dear friend we made it together what it is now. One of my best designs ever. 
On the right side you can see the IAESTE Macedonia logo.
Project Nike
Recently I watched one of the commercials from Nike and got inspired from them to make this design. Being student for so long made me realize how to cherish that. Inspired me to travel, work and party in different countries and meet so many wonderful people. At the beggining I could never had realized that IAESTE could provide me all, after couple of years I become aware of the possibilities that this association provided me. 
Project IBM
Logo made based on IBM logo. 
Project Amazon
Logo made based on logo. They promote products, we promote experience, travel and work. I am IAESTE for travelers its as I am amazon for travelers. Logo with double meaning.
Project IKEA
Logo created based on the IKEA logo.
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More projects are coming soon...
Project IAESTE

Project IAESTE

This project was made as an inspiration from my surroundings while i was in IAESTE.


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