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    Identity and logo design for Diomedes.
Diomedes was the greatest human in Greek Mythology. Being one of the first people out of the Trojan Horse, his heroisms extended beyond prose and gave the Greeks a model to look up to. So who better to name a sports brand after?

I created Diomedes to be a sub-brand of Sports Authority. But after initial concepts, the brand saw the potential to stand on its own. Diomedes is a brand of heroes. It inspires the audience to become more than just ordinary, but to BE HEROIC. Greek Myths and culture of sport were used to launch the brand to new levels. Using the ideal of human perfection and projecting that aspiration towards sports and athletes.

The brand itself relies heavily on Greek mythologies, creating products that match the heroes within the stories that have been told for centuries. Hercules, the model of strength, embodies a product emphasizing power.

Many other Greek ideals are being visually represented through the design. The logo itself features 2 Greek characters. An Epsilon (Є), which was an early form of the letter E. And Phi (Ф), which represents the Golden Ratio. Which some believe to be a natural form of perfection, or at least nature is inspired and built upon that ratio. Multiple elements are being used to help enforce the concept of human perfection.