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    Ferrari 488 GTO,the hardcore,track-focused version of the 488 GTB. This project is also featured on many websites,which I personally thank for th… Read More
    Ferrari 488 GTO,the hardcore,track-focused version of the 488 GTB. This project is also featured on many websites,which I personally thank for their great support and appreciation!!! Designed by Marco Renna between August and September 2015 - Published between August and September 2015 Read Less
On February, 3 2015, exactly 40 years after the first ever mid-rear-engined, 8 cylinder powered Ferrari, the 308 GTB, the famous carmaker from Maranello launched its most performing 8-cylinder berlinetta of all time: the 488 GTB, a totally new car based on the already successful 458 Italia and the first turbo powered mid-rear-engined car since the mighty F40.
Following Ferrari's tradition in creating mind-blowing, track-focused berlinettas such as the 360 Challenge Stradale, the F430 Scuderia and the 458 Speciale, I decided to figure out how the new hardcore versione of the 488 GTB might look.
On these basis I created the 488 GTO, which represents the perfect successor to the 458 Speciale.
By carrying the iconic GTO name on, this car also pays is tribute to some of the most iconic and most performing cars ever built in Maranello, especially to its direct successor, the 288 GTO.
As a result, the car as an even more aggressive look, thanks to its heavily reworked body.
Clearly visible is the totally new aerodynamic package, which includes a new Formula 1-inspired front, creating new intakes and improving existing ones.
This package was created by excavating the original surfaces, creating new parts without adding any exterior winglet.
If seen from one side, the 488 GTO features a new "double fin" in the lower part of the skirts to concentrate and clean the air flows that comes from the front wheels.
The car also comes with black-finished alloys and featuring new reclined calipers, wich are also black-finished, to lower the center of gravity during braking.
To complete the aerodynamic package the car has a totally new rear grill with new exhaust pipes, bigger blown spoiler and diffuser, wich also has elecronically-controlled movable parts to improve handling and efficiency.
The 488 GTO was rendered in a traditional red colour and more unconventional yellow, much similar to the one seen on the 458 Speciale A.
"E se Ferrari prendesse davvero spunto da questo progetto per realizzare la futura Ferrari 488 GTB estrema?"- Supercarteam.com

"This will be the next great Ferrari"- CarBuzz.com​​​​​​​
"C’est drôlement réussi!!!"- Lebilletauto.com

"We will wait to see whether or not Ferrari develop a real 488 GTO, but they could do much worse than take Renna’s wonderful designs on board if they do"- Signaturecarhire.co.uk
To complete the whole package, the 488 GTO features a slightly tuned version of the 3.9 litres twin-turbohcarged V8 engine seen in the GTB version, reaching now a peak of 703 HP.
All these features are combined with a weight loss of aproximately 90 Kg, thanks to the usage of new lightweight interiors and various carbon fiber components.
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