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    Website for the Saab Arctic Adventure.
Saab Arctic Adventure

Saab is driven by the concept that everything in and about a Saab revolves around the driver. And to really understand and get a feel for the unique character of their cars, they offer Saab owners a unique experience: the Saab Arctic Adventure. An event in the north of Sweden where all the elements add up to the drive of a lifetime. An experience new Saab drivers can all be part of. If they buy a Saab 9-3 that is.
TV Commercial to promote Saab's Arctic Adventure.

Copy: Saab develops it's cars where other brands only come to test theirs.
What you normally only can watch on tv, you can now experience in real life.
Join the adventure. Buy a Saab 9-3 and prepare for the Saab Arctic Adventure.
Visit saab93.nl

Video capture of the Saab Arctic Adventure website.
Screen capture of the website.
Screen capture of the website.
Web page take-over leading to the website.