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    Graphic Design Studio II project

The Project
Using a topic of choice, the objective of this assignment is to develop an independent project showing proficiency with the designer’s role in visualizing complex projects across multiple media. This is achieved by independent exploration using professional design methods and strategies of problem-solving through research, concept generation, and design development.

The Service
Pulse is an electric vehicle charging service that is dedicated to creating a fast and reliable infrastructure for electric vehicle owners. Pulse stations include DC fast-charging support for all vehicles, and customers are able to pay at the station without membership. However, a membership with the company has many perks, including station reservations, loyalty cards, and roadside charging/battery swapping for stranded drivers.
Membership Pack
Mobile App Concept
POS Interface Concept
Attribute list
Mind Map
By developing a mind map, I was able to discover the name for my EV charging company. Pulse is the perfect name for communicating the similarity of roads to the blood stream; Pulse is the method in which electric vehicles can circulate throughout the American road systems.
Identity Mood Board
The mood board was compiled with aesthetic elements that I felt communicated the energy of Pulse. I was particularly drawn to a yellow color scheme based on its association with energy as well as road lines.
Identity Sketches
Identity Rough Development
Identity Final Solution
In order to reflect the core values of the company, the Pulse logo was designed to be smart, simple, and approachable. The form of the logomark is a hybrid of the visual representation of a heartbeat and the symbol for a power cell within a circuit. The type was chosen because of its open & approachable appearance, as well as its rounded font within the family, which gives the logo a friendly presence.
Member Pack Mood Board
Among the design references for the member pack, I was particularly drawn to designs that were nearly over simplified and very structured. I noticed a trend in images that used color for a surprising reveal.
Member Pack Sketches
Member Pack Rough Development
Member Pack Final 2D Solution
Member Pack Final Solution
The final concepts for the member pack incorporated the brand identity by enforcing its smart yet approachable tone. The intricate centerfold (Turkish Map Fold) was chosen as a method of a surprising reveal within the member booklet, as well as to reinforce the map as a branding element. The member pack includes bumper stickers, sunglasses (for a bright future), a Pulse T-shirt, and a booklet which contains the member card. These elements were chosen over more premium brand materials in order to keep the company’s light-hearted tone.
App Concept Mood Board
For the app concept, visual research was gathered across multiple platforms in order to gain a better understanding of what the competition uses for layout and information architecture.
App Concept Wireframes
App Concept Rough Development
App Concept Final Solution
The final app is designed to reflect the brand identity so that Pulse’s presence is consistent throughout the entire experience. Users may download the app to find stations in their area, view available spaces, and check on the progress of their charge while they’re away from the vehicle.
POS Interface Mood Board
Imagery I chose for inspiration for the point of sale interface tended to be very minimal and transparent so that the content is clearly communicated. Branding elements are not as crucial for the interface due to the context of its use, so there is opportunity to design the layout much more subtly.
POS Interface Wireframes & Sketches
POS Interface Rough Development
POS Interface Final Solution
The final screens include crucial information for travelers that are waiting for their charge to complete. The time is immediately available for a quick glance, and the user may also view the weather forecast and news report. Additionally, the map feature allows for the user to preview the next Pulse station for his or her road trip. By aligning the charge panel on the right side with the “pump” dock of the machine, there is a clear indication of charge status and payment method. 

Project 2: Membership Pack
Maps made using Mapstack: http://mapstack.stamen.com/

Project 3: App Concept
Gas station image: http://vehiclemd.com/four-smart-fuel-saving-tips/
Iconography: http://www.pixeden.com/media-icons/tab-bar-icons-ios-7
iPhone mockup: http://www.pixeden.com/psd-mock-up-templates/iphone-5s-psd-vector-mockup

Project 4: POS Interface
Background images by Adam J Osiecki, SCAD MOME student
Industrial design & solidworks modeling by Mary Suttle, SCAD IDUS student
CNN image: http://i.huffpost.com/gen/2522682/images/o-ANDERSON-COOPER-facebook.jpg
Iconography: http://www.pixeden.com/icon-fonts/weather-7-icon-font-set

Project 1-4: Final Program
Phone stock photo: https://www.pexels.com/photo/person-woman-hand-apple-3627/

Thank You!