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    My way to show Adam and Eve
This piece “Desire” is a illustration, where I found my inspirationin the Genesis chapter of the bible. It’s Adam and Eve sitting nextto each other, with both their apples (I know there is only one applein the story, but not in this piece) The only thing they have theirfocus at, is the apple the Desire! They don’t realise that the wholeworld (eden), is breaking down because they have eaten the forbiddenfruit. The triangles and the abstract stuff, symbolise, that the worldis tarring apart.I wouldn’t make a piece from a children bible, therefore I wantedto make this piece, surreal and almost scary. Therefore it is a verysimple eden, there is only the tree no animals or plants nothing.And I have chosen this surreal psychedelic colours, to make my surrealpoint. I have created my own surreal Genesis.I hope your like it to see the piece in a higher resolution, please drop by here: Genesis
The piece at my portfolio: Johannes Aagaard - Design and Artwork - Desire

I will upload a Case Study of the piece soon