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    A self propelled product design experiment by Bureau Rabensteiner
Product Design by Bureau Rabensteiner
7/27 put the Jester on this object. Burned-in and sealed under lacquer he fulfills his aim and function - but he never ceases to have a life of his own. He will find his place in your life and tells a story of indulgence, exorbitance and beauty. He ever outclasses us and knows more than we assume. He will never tell the whole story about the exceptional things he guards jealously. What we read are the marks of time, journeys to foreign places and the marks of people, who possessed them once - long before they changed hands. This object is precious because it´s unique, because it reflects more than it´s very shape. Get into his story and always look out for the Jester - he has to remain on his place, so you can´t get infected by his waggish sense of humor.

Product Design by Bureau Rabensteiner