IVORY films, the company which is engaged in video production
Branding, website
The company is located in Kyiv, Ukraine. They make different kinds of video and television activities. We developed an aggressive and distinctive style, to say about the company. They are often "behind the scenes", but has more merit. It was necessary to successfully develop the company further.
Branding, web design - make effective way to achieve the goals of famous young company.
The logo designed for the personal history and the idea of ​​the customer, and the main link is an elephant, a symbol of power, as a veiled idea of ​​chess, namely the figure of an elephant, in this and ideological chain between the symbol of the animal and chess are a symbol of wisdom and knowledge clever play on business market.
Web site 
The task of this site to talk about the company. To enable the client to view video of the company. Tell and show how to live a bright positive team. Look!
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