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    Branding, Advertising, and Web Design for college textbook buyer/seller
Hall of Fame Book Trader
Website and Advertising
Art Direction: Steve Loftis & Michael O'Neill
Designed by Steve Loftis

Hall of Fame Book Trader is a college textbook buyer and seller. Working with Michael O'Neill of O'Neill Marketing | PR, I designed their website, email advertising, and print advertising.

Hall of Fame's low prices make it an attractive option for college students. We created characters based on the presidents found on US currency, primarily featuring Benjamin Franklin, often saying witty phrases.

The website consists of a single-page with a rotating image area to promote timely specials, and links to their externally-hosted online store. Any additional information takes the form of a hovering popup window displayed on top of the website.

For a recent ad campaign, we decided to take aim at Hall of Fame's biggest competitor, the Student Union Book Store, painting them as a cartoonish villain due to their high textbook prices.

Visit their site at www.hofbooktrader.com